Friday, January 04, 2013

Programs, crafts and more Christmas...oh my!

I was doing pretty good getting everything caught up, and well, then I got behind.  So please forgive me as I try to close up 2012 over the next few posts!

As soon as we got back from California we hit the ground running, no time to recover from vacation!  Lyla's school Christmas party was Monday, and that night was her Christmas program, a first for our whole family!  All the girls in Kindergarten were angels, and thanks to some friends, her costume was borrowed and looked awesome!

Our little angel

Here she is during the program, we were in the back and it was hard to see, but she did great!

The next day Xander had a small Christmas party in his speech class.  The kids were so cute, they sang a few songs and then we ate some yummy treats!

I managed to throw in a few Christmas crafts this week as well, shew!  We were busy.

Ice cream cone Christmas trees!

We opted for foam sticker gingerbread houses this year. Best. Decision. Ever.

By the time we got to the weekend we were barely unpacked, but managed to host our annual Christmas with the Swanson family!  Years ago, I think 7 to be exact, we decided to start a tradition with the Swansons that we would get together each year. This started because Kevin grew up doing the same thing with close family friends, a tradition that continued through his life, and I think still continues today.

We cherish this night, we don't get to spend as much time with the Swansons as we would like, but we know that each year we will have this!!!

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