Thursday, December 27, 2012

Steinert Christmas

Ok, back to our trip to California!  After Disneyland we headed to Bakersfield!!

See that sweet face in the background...on the left?  My nephew Mark flew in from Tampa for the weekend!!!  

Lyla and some of her loot!!!

Not only was this our Christmas trip, but Aunt Stephanie's birthday is December 10th, so she hosted a pink party!  She had pink EVERYTHING!  There was a parade, some games and lots of fun pink things!  Aunt Stephanie loves pink, and since "the babies" (what she affectionately calls my kids!) were in town she thought it was a great opportunity to celebrate with them.  They loved it, and I think she did too!

Pin the tiara on Aunt Stephanie

A pink parade

As soon as Macey heard that Aunt Stephanie was having a pink party she immediately thought that she should give her something pink.  Macey thought of her own stuffed pig, lovingly named Oink, and decided that is what she wanted to give Aunt Stephanie.  Aunt Stephanie was touched, and since this day we receive updates about what Oink is doing now!  Currently, Oink is in HAWAII!  Lucky pig! (No, really, she took Oink with them on their family trip.  So she's really in Hawaii)

With a family as big as ours, coming from all different places it was impossible to get us all in the same place at the same time for a Disneyland castle picture.  So with ears and hats on our heads we took our family picture at my parents' house!

Merry Christmas from the Steinert clan (well, most of us)!!!

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